Thursday, February 21, 2013

Open Thread, Coming Attractions

     This is the embed view of the long-awaited sequel to American Zen: American Zen 2: Rock of Ages (subtitled, I'd like to add, before the execrable Tom Cruise movie). The prologue and first chapter of AZ2 was featured on Scribd's index page just last night and you can still see it below the fold, after the jump.
     The buzz has started at last like the gathering feedback of a Strat turned up to 10. In AZ2, we see Mike publicizing his new book, American Zen, on the Jay Leno show. During the interview, Mike informs the reader that his band, the Immortals, recently went head to head on a nationally televised talent show with the band run by their front man's daughter, Drew Carmichael. Chapter One begins the previous year with Mike jamming with Stephen King and his band the Rock Bottom Remainders.
     Then he gets a stunning phone call from his wife, then a deathbed confession from his mother that changes his life. Then, after his mother dies, Dave's widow Ruby reveals who really broke up the band and it wasn't Dave or the bottom-feeding scout who'd signed him away from his own group. And that's just the beginning.of the dramatic twists and turns in store for Mike and the boys as they once again hit the road and go to LA at a last stab at redemption and respect.
     As for coming attractions, I plan on posting a series of interviews with exclusively independent authors (the "real" ones had long since signaled they don't want to be bothered by wearisome little doorknockers like me even though I can write rings around every single one of them). The first one will be up in a few days to a week, depending on when Nick Stephenson answers my questions.
     Also, for anyone who cares, I'll be posting articles on sundry and assorted topics regarding writing and publishing as well as sample chapters of my other upcoming novels.

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